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Boulder Creek Corridor and Trail System

Boulder, CO

One of the most important variables that differentiates REP is the custom and natural enhancement designs of every river we work in and around.  We create the picturesque while increasing the functionality.  The Boulder Creek Corridor Project demonstrates how an urban waterway with low-head dams, eroded banks, and unorganized passage can be transformed to a nationally renowned trail system and whitewater park that spans across the entire city. Gary Lacy, followed by his team at REP, has aided in over 30 years of service to the Greenway Project, including the most recent involvement in post flood assessment.  

We like to think of Boulder Creek and Boulder's greenway system as a living testament to the enduring beauty of our work.  One of the most important variables that differentiates a good project and a great one is ambiance.  Boulder Creek is an example  of the enduring ambiance that accompanies REP’s designs. The corridor incorporates miles of bike paths and walking trails, multiple natural-looking river access points, and a fish observation structure that allows community members to view fish in their natural habitat. The Boulder Creek bike path has ingrained itself into the fabric of the town. 

The Boulder Creek project is the focal point of an active community and serves as a recreational amenity for all while enhancing the natural beauty of existing scenery

Chief Engineer:

Gary Lacy


1988 - Present

Project Cost:

$3 Million


Richard Brasher

Former Transportation Projects Coordinator

P: 303-419-1270


485 Arapahoe Ave. Boulder, CO 80302



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