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Whitewater Parks and Riverside Design

Recreation Engineering and Planning is the world leader in recreating natural stream environments.  These are restorations that feature pool, drop, and riffle structures for in-stream habitat, a restored riparian zone, and a natural sanctuary for the local community and visitors alike to revel in a stunning natural setting with stream-side trails, river access points and unmatched whitewater features. 

Dam Modifications and Instream Diversions

Another strength in which REP has excels is the modification or removal of dams all across the country.  While some dams serve important functions for communities, irrigators, and utility companies, many are obsolete. Often these dams create a significant hazard for recreational users and account for a number of accidental drownings in the United States each year. Many communities are looking at ways to either safely remove or replace these deteriorating dams. Our team works to turn these unsightly hazards into recreational amenities. Modifications of dams are an exciting evolution in urban, working rivers. Taking an existing hazard and creating a recreational highlight is becoming an attractive option for forward thinking communities all over North America as seen in REP’s projects in Calgary, Alberta, Springfield, Ohio, and many others.

Multi-use Trail Systems

REP has a long history working with municipal governments to plan, design, manage and coordinate major public projects and programs including the development of multi-use trail system infrastructure.


Whitewater Park projects are unique in the world of engineering. Whitewater Parks bring together multiple stakeholders, federal, state and local permitting requirements and a dynamic natural environment into a projects that are not always simply a matter of straightforward execution of design plans. Working in rivers requires equal measure of engineering skills and artistry; these skills can only be developed over years of learning and executing projects in rivers.

Site Planning through Construction

REP provides services from conception to construction. Our capabilities include master planning, conceptual design, civil site planning, feasibility, construction documents, bid process assistance and construction phase services.

Hydraulic Modeling

Our team has one-, two- and quasi three- dimensional hydraulic modeling capabilities ranging from fish passage and aquatic habitat to whitewater feature optimization. Our modeling team is familiar with regulatory software used through the industry such as HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, River2D, FaSTMECH, and Nays2DH.

Floodplain Management

Our capabilities include floodplain modeling associated with developments inside the 100-year water surface, instream features and other encroachments on the floodway, and potential regulatory issues related to any type of development near waterways. 

River Safety Professionals

Our team has been involved in multiple expert testimony cases related to low head dam drownings and river safety incidents. We also provide support, guidance, and safety consulting related to river projects. Our team includes swiftwater rescue technicians, whitewater professionals, and river safety stewards.

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