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Gary Lacy, P.E.

Chief  REP Engineer Gary Lacy, P.E. has a background in both civil engineering and recreational planning.  Gary is the most experienced in-stream design engineer in the country today and possesses a strong commitment to the environment and the communities in which he works.  His first design was the South Platte Urban Renewal Project in 1978 and he has designed over 80 river projects since then. The real proof of Gary’s ability is the success of his parks.  The parks have been very well received by their local communities and have hosted numerous national level events such as the U.S. Olympic festival, Junior Olympics, Open Boat Nationals, and Freestyle Kayaking National Championships. Gary has been running rivers for the vast majority of his life having been the son of early Colorado whitewater pioneer, Joe Lacy.  Gary has represented the US National Team in Wildwater Racing on multiple occasions.


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