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Riley Gelatt, P.E.

Starting in a large firm, Riley Gelatt P.E. has an extensive history working with distribution and collection networks. Although important, his real passion is for rivers. Riley, a kayaker at heart, holds a degree from the University of Colorado in Civil Engineering with a specialization in water resources. As a design engineer with REP, Riley serves a lead on-site role while supporting a variety of design, permitting and modeling efforts. Riley has worked on river projects across the US including dam modification and river corridor improvement projects, whitewater structures, in-stream navigational structures, diversion structures, wetland mitigation, riparian habitat creation, and greenway trails. A large chunk of Riley’s childhood, adolescence, young adult life and now his adult life has been spent on or around or thinking about rivers. Growing up on the river, Riley has a passion for creative design solutions to balance competing interests of river engineering challenges.


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