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Grand opening of our project 7 years in the making in Dayton, OH

Under heavy clouds and an onslaught of rain, community leaders celebrated the grand opening of the city’s newest water attraction — the RiverScape River Run.

Five Rivers MetroParks debuted its $4 million project on Friday evening in front of dozens of business leaders, residents and water enthusiasts. The completion of the project comes after two years of construction, nearly 20 years of planning and the fundraising efforts of an entire community.

“Today, what I think we’re realizing is that more and more we want to reconnect with the river and all the reasons why Dayton is where it is, which is primarily because of its proximity to the river” said Alex Taylor, who was recently named the CEO of Cox Enterprises. “So, with the removal of these low-head dams and the revitalization of the whole river corridor, hopefully this will have the effect of drawing everybody back into the Great Miami River valley.”

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