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REP's River Access Improvements in San Marcos, TX Appear in Habitat Conservation Newsletter

With tens of thousands of San Marcos River enthusiasts enjoying the cool flow of its waters each year, the access points along the banks of the river had become a bit worn over time. And that wasn't good for river-goers or the water quality in the river which supports endangered species. So, the City of San Marcos and the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan teamed up to give those access points a kind of face lift. Only this nip and tuck was performed with front-end loaders and one-and-a-half ton limestone blocks. "We originally thought that we might have to put some heavy equipment into the river in order to fix some public access points," said San Marcos Habitat Conservation Plan Manager Melani Howard. "Fortunately, we were able to hire an extremely skilled operator and an experienced engineering group who managed to complete all of the repairs form the river bank."

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