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REP's Harvie Passage project wins two awards from the Consulting Engineers of Alberta!

REP and project partners are awarded two Showcase Awards, an Award of Excellence for Community Development and the Award of Merit for the Water Resources Category from the Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) on February 21, 2020.

The Harvie Passage Rehabilitation Project was a collaborative and rewarding project, with an amazing spirit of collaboration from everyone involved. The fact that the community has adopted the project and taken ownership of it is a huge testament of its success. It was a pleasure to work with this team to bring this project to life, and it’ll be amazing to see it develop as it continues to be embraced by all who use it.

The team was engaged to plan, design, and administer construction of the rehabilitation of the Harvie Passage which was damaged in the unprecedented flood of June 2013. Harvie Passage’s primary purpose is to enable river passage for boaters and fish while maintaining water diversions from the Bow River. Rehabilitation of Harvie Passage allowed “lessons learned” from its design and construction to be implemented; thereby, creating a more robust and sustainable facility with creation of terrestrial and aquatic habitats that is seamlessly integrated into Pearce Estate Park to create a unique park and recreational amenity for the City of Calgary.

Project lead KCB says:

"The Harvie Passage Project was a partnered project. In my experience, the working relationships developed during this project exemplified and exceeded partnering. From the owners (Alberta Environment and Parks), the government’s project manager (Alberta Transportation), the consulting team (KCB, SG1, O2, REP, and NHC), and the construction contractor (Bluebird), the Harvie Passage Rehabilitation project is one of the most collaborative and rewarding projects in my career"

REP thanks everyone involved for their efforts on this challenging, interesting, and rewarding project.

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