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Buck Creek Improvements

Springfield, Ohio

REP has worked with the Springfield Conservancy District, since 2003 to help create a new vision for the Buck Creek Corridor.  REP developed a plan to modify a series of 4 low-head dams along Buck Creek.  The dams are still in service, thus a solution that preserved their functionality while improving safety, navigation, and the in-stream environment was developed.  The first two sites, adjacent to the Springfield Museum of Art and in Historic Snyder Park were completed in May of 2010.  Construction is planned for the third and fourth sites in 2011.  Formerly a site of heavy industry, the Buck Creek Corridor is being re-envisioned as a recreational amenity for the community and an attraction for visitors and thus a model for midwestern states making the transition from an economy based solely on industrial production.

Fish passage, whitewater, navigability, safety and commnity parks along a historic waterway

Chief Engineer:

Gary Lacy, P.E.

Construction Services:

Mike Harvey

John Loftis

Date Completed: 

May 2010

Project Cost:


485 Arapahoe Ave. Boulder, CO 80302



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